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Vision Apps

Reliable vision application development.

You want to determine the number of people in the queue at your retail store at all times

You want to ensure that there is no undetected breach of security at your premises

You want to ensure the safety of every employee on the shop floor by triggering an alarm if someone is wearing the safety gear

You want to understand the demographics of the audience at different aisles of your retail store

These are a few use cases among many that you would be considering for your business. Implementation of these use cases would increase the effectiveness of promotions, merchandizing, ensure compliance, and reduce costs.

We have the right mix of experience and technical expertise to help you develop and deploy vision apps. We look at vision app development holistically, and we consider the following requirements:

  • Who is it for? What do they want it to do?
  • What kind of budget are you working with?
  • What kind of environment in which it has to be deployed? For instance, a shop floor is different from an elevator.
  • Analyze if the business case is doable with machine learning and if it is within the scope of machine intelligence
  • What will be the data source?

The answers to these requirements would allow you to look at feasible vision apps that would add business value while reducing costs and ensuring compliance.

Vision app development process

We have experience building models on machine learning intelligence based on data sources and availability, which is critical for vision applications. Beyond that, the vision application development cycle remains similar to that of other development projects.

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