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Technology Center of Excellence

Technology best practices, frameworks, and tools.

Technology specific centers of excellence like Microsoft, Java, and Python

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Big Data, Cybersecurity Center of Excellence

Robotic Process Automation Center of Excellence

IoT center of excellence

The idea is to bring together a group of technology and software experts and put together assets to create technology centers of excellence.

Assets can be in the form of reusable frameworks, codebases, repeatable processes, intelligent reporting and analytics, domain-specific functionality.

Build expertise around leading RPA, AI/ML frameworks, Big Data technologies, Cybersecurity technologies. The CoE would create prototypes, reference implementations, and portfolio applications that can be extended to clients faster.

The CoE’s focus is on technological excellence and focuses on these three benefits:

  • Adoption – creates the framework to adapt to change
  • Implementation – reference implementations 5
  • Maintenance – structure for both maintenance and evolution

Our experts have been there and done that. We have hands-on experience managing large projects with clearly defined project management methodologies, implementing microservices architecture and cloud deployments while optimizing and finetuning applications’ performance.

The CoE works with cross-functional teams to provide value at all stages of customer interactions – initial sales conversations, pre-sales, sales, kick-off, prototyping, reference implementations, architecting, co-developing, testing, deployment, and sustenance.

It also works towards coming up with next-generation innovations by staying on top of technology and tools.

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