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Digital workers

Automate your business processes.

You want to automate complete business processes from start to finish

You want to automate your processes in sequence and want them as downloadable plug-and-plug digital workers

You have implemented an RPA tool. Now, you want intelligence built into the process

You want to incorporate real-time analytics along with your RPA

Digital workers combine Robotic Process Automation with cognitive automation and analytics. With digital workers, you can execute complex business processes from start to finish.

Most bots available in the market are task-based bots, and they don’t combine capabilities like natural language processing and document ingestion to perform complex tasks.

We have built multiple digital workers on various RPA tools like UIPath, Automation Anywhere, and our proprietary tool, Qruize Magic.

We custom build these digital workers based on your workflow and processes and ensure that your business processes are executed error-free.

If RPA can automate about 40% of your business processes, digital workers can help scale the automation to 85% of the business processes.

Digital workforce building process

Our digital worker development and deployment service is technology agnostic and can help you automate your processes efficiently and effectively. Over time, these digital workers can prioritize, allowing them to operate in critical functions like finance and operations.

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