News & Events

  • 08-Sep-2017Sunday School is closed for summer vacation and will re-open on 8th September 2017.

  • 16-Jul-2017MALAYALAM CLASS & JUNIOR CHOIR Due to Summer vacation, Junior Choir practices and Malayalam classes are suspended till further notice.

  • 23-Jul-2017RE-UNION & FAMILY DAY To thank our Almighty for reuniting safely all members of our Parish after the summer vacations, the Reunion & Family Day will be celebrated on 15th September 2017.

  • 06-Aug-2017FIRST SUNDAY HOLY COMMUNION SERVICE Holy Communion Service on 1st Sunday of each month from 8.30pm in the Church.

  • 19-Jul-2017INTERCESSORY PRAYER Conducted every Wednesday from 8.30pm onwards in SWC Hall #3.

  • 15-Jul-2017FASTING PRAYER Held on each Saturday from 10.30am onwards in SWC Hall #6.

  • 21-Jul-2017AREA PRAYER Area prayer meetings on every first/second Friday evenings.

For Members

Welcome to CSI Parish, Sharjah

Praise be to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ by whose abundant Grace and Blessings, CSI Parish Sharjah got established on 1st April 1996 to worship God in our native tongue. Being only 18 years old, Sharjah Parish is the youngest of the three CSI Parishes in UAE. When we look back and ponder through these 16 years of history, we cannot but fall prostrate, adore and worship Jesus for the wondrous blessings showered on us as a parish in this foreign land. We are obliged to remember these blessings with thanksgiving and with firm determination to fulfill our obligations for the Glory of God.

Vicar's Message

Dearly Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Greetings to you in the matchless name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Church of South India (CSI) formed in 1947 is the largest protestant and united national Church in India. All through its journey during the past 65 years, it affirms that the church is the servant of God, called out and brought together to carry on the mission of Jesus Christ based on the Holy Scriptures. It is moving forward with a dynamic vision for the communion of churches in India. Church of South India while holding its solidarity with the broken communities, and re-affirming the faith in the death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ, renews the hope of Eternity to the whole humanity.

  • To act as a catalyst to eliminate the scocial and doctrinal divisions that prevails in the Christian Community.
  • To serve the community in diversity to a united community
  • To provide pastoral care to the malayalee community living in Sharjah and its neighbourhood.
  • To cater the spiritual needs with Christian brotherhood & fellowship.
  • Sunday 8.30 PM, Holy Communion on First Sundays. Bible Class on other Sundays Church Main Hall
  • Wednesday 8.30 PM, Intercessory Prayer Hall No 3
  • Friday 8.00 AM, Holy Communion Church Main Hall
  • Saturday 10.30 AM, Fasting Prayer Hall No 6

Our Motto

"He Who Gives Attention to the Word will Find Good, And Blessed is He Who Trust in the Lord".

Proverbs 16:20