elysium IT Services
About elysium elysium, a word adopted from Greek mythology, means "a place of perfect bliss" elysium-IT is truly a place of perfect bliss for both the Customers as well as the Employees.

elysium-IT started its operation with the strong conviction that things could be done better and more efficiently. We are committed to make a true difference to our Customers. As an IT company that focuses on the IT requirements of organizations of different sizes and industries, elysium-IT provides a comprehensive array of IT services. Wherever elysium-IT is not able to meet the requirements on their own, such as supplying hardware or third party software, elysium-IT brings together the leading service providers from the industry to meet the Customer requirements. However, Customers always enjoy a single point of contact through elysium-IT.

Celebrating Life

We provide Customers comprehensive, cost-effective and leading edge Information Technology Solutions helping them achieve their goals and objectives in their line of business.

We provide equal opportunity for every employee and maintain an environment where employees are able to achieve their full potential, while adding value to the organisation.

We make positive contributions to the people around us. We contribute to the betterment of the society, the global village where we are. Thereby, we focus on celebrating life and its precious gifts without prejudice or malice to any.

Domain Edge

Our extensive domain experience helps us gain a clear understanding of your requirements. We are able to understand your problems and processes better as we speak your language. We help you achieve a better return on investment by stream lining your business processes with our comprehensive solutions.

Business Domains

  • Health Care
  • Trading
  • Contracting
  • Service
  • Manufacturing
  • Air Transportation
  • Hospitality
  • Education

Quality Edge

At elysium-IT we follow a process-oriented approach in everything we do. The elysium-IT Team shares a common knowledge base, where all our processes are documented. Every team member has easy access to this knowledge base with processes, guidelines, standards, templates and best practice samples for all critical activities. By having all team members accessing the same knowledge base, we ensure that all team members share a common language, process and view of how to do each activity.

At elysium-IT Quality assurance is built into the process, in all activities, involving all participants, using objective measurements and criteria. It is not an afterthought or a separate activity performed by a separate group and we often exceed the expectations of our Customers.

Competence Edge

elysium-IT derives its competitive advantage from its Employees who take pride in being associated with the company. elysium-IT is managed by professionals who have extensive consulting and implementation experience. elysium-IT provides its Employees with the best infrastructure and environment, helping them bring out their best. Employees are constantly encouraged to improve their competence, thereby enabling them to improve the value addition that they render to the Customers.

elysium-IT ensures team coordination and coherence by maintaining a collaborative environment. Team members are encouraged to take responsibility of whatever they do. A lot of importance is given to working together as a team. Periodic training, exercises and motivational programmes also help maintain the high team spirit which helps in completing projects on time, every time.


  • Software Development
  • Software Project Management
  • IT Operations Management
  • IT Infrastructure Design and Management
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Process Oriented
  • Quality Driven